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Smoked Turkey Breast

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Italian Trulli

100% Halal Smoked Turkey Breast
Serves 6 to 7 people
Arrives Chilled
Delivered to your Doorstep
Made with 100% Natural Halal Turkey 


100% all-natural halal turkey
Olive oil

Juicy, tender, and bursting with flavor is the best way to describe our halal smoked turkey breast. Our passion for poultry has transformed our halal smoked turkey breast into a culinary masterpiece. Each mouthwatering bite goes beyond mere taste; it encapsulates an authentic Texas BBQ experience in every sense. Our latest signature creation, the halal smoked turkey breast, comes highly recommended. We forgo intricate rubs and spice blends, focusing solely on the bird and the perfect seasoning. As you savor it, you'll revel in the luxurious smokiness and impeccably seasoned taste. Elevate your meal with Truboy BBQ's genuine Texas-style Halal Smoked Turkey Breast.

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