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  • 7 lbs of Premium Brisket
    About Our Halal Brisket Dig into the rich smoky taste of our halal beef brisket. Tender, juicy, and packed with flavor, our Truboy halal beef brisket is sure to offer a taste that is unique yet nostalgic at the same time. Savor the signature taste and texture of an authentic…
  • Truboy Chopped Halal BrisketTruboy Chopped Halal Brisket - 2
    2 lbs of Halal Chopped Brisket
    About Our Chopped Halal Brisket Our chopped Halal brisket come from 100% USDA Prime Black Angus humanely raised livestock. Responsibly sourced from local reputable Halal beef brisket suppliers. Smoked for 14+ hours, low and slow, with pecan and mesquite wood to maximize that smokey Texas flavor. As the star of…
  • Truboy Pulled Shoulder - 5Truboy Pulled Shoulder - 2
    2 lb of Halal Lamb Shoulder
    About Our Pulled Halal Lamb Shoulder Dig into the signature smoky taste of our pulled lamb shoulder. Tender, juicy, and packed with flavor, our halal pulled lamb shoulder is sure to offer you the signature taste of authentic Texas-style BBQ. Our passion and love for smoking meat led us to…
    3 bone Beef Ribs
    About Our Halal Beef Ribs Brisket on a stick? Yes, please! Our Halal beef ribs come from 100% USDA Prime Black Angus humanely raised livestock. Smoked for 8+ hours, low and slow, with pecan and mesquite wood seasoned to allow the flavors of the beef to stand out. They call…
  • 1 lb of Premium Sausage
    About Our Halal Sausage Who doesn’t like a perfectly smoked Halal beef sausage? Our Halal BBQ sausage is made with 100% USDA Prime Black Angus humanely raised livestock, and stuffed in all-natural Halal beef casing. Smoked for 3-4 hours with pecan and mesquite wood until they are prime, plump, and…
  • ~2 lb of Premium Chicken
    About Our Halal Chicken Halves Juicy, tender, and packed with flavor is the best way to describe our halal smoked chicken half. Our love for poultry has transcended our halal smoked chicken halves into an emotion. A single bite encapsulates more than just flavor and taste. Our halal smoked chicken…
  • Truboy Halal BBQ Sampler - 3 Sale
    Feeds 12
    About Our Halal Bbq Sampler Get the best of all of our 100% Halal Authentic Texas BBQ. This package will provide a feast for up to 12 of your closest friends and family. Sharing is caring. Here is what’s included in the package: 1 pack of Chopped Halal Texas Brisket…
  • 14 oz Truboy BBQ Sauce
    About Our Truboy Bbq Sauce This family secret recipe will blow your mind! The perfect balance of heat and sweet makes this robust sauce a crowd pleaser. Available in one flavor because perfection cannot be duplicated. This pairs seamlessly with all our smoked meats. You just found this barbeque sauce…
  • Truboy Baked Potato Kit BBQTruboy Baked Potato Kit BBQ - 3
    About Our Baked Potato Kit Who does not like BBQ baked potatoes? They pair perfectly with our barbecued meat and account for a more wholesome meal experience. Keeping your bbq cravings in mind we have created our very own Truboy BBQ Baked Potato Kit. Here is what you get in our…
  • Truboy SLIDERS KIT - 2
    About Our Sliders Kit When it comes to BBQ sliders we believe in keeping things simple and tasty. Your choice of meat is going to figure out the course your bbq slider is going to take. Choose from 4 delicious options which include 2lb of chopped brisket, 2lb of pulled…
  • Truboy TACO KITTruboy TACO meal KIT 2
    About Our Taco Kit Assemble your taco, with our blend of authentic Texas-style BBQ and the contents of our signature taco meal kits. How do you like your taco? Choose from four different kinds of BBQ meat, to add that authentic taste to your taco experience. Our taco meal kits are the…