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Smoked Chicken Halves

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Italian Trulli
Pack of: 1
100% Halal Smoked Chicken Half 
Serves 2-3 
Made using birds that have been hand slaughtered following the authentic Zabihah and Halal method 
Arrives Chilled 


Juicy, tender, and packed with flavor is the best way to describe our halal smoked chicken halves. Our halal smoked chicken halves is a representation of what authentic Texas BBQ stands for. We use no complex rubs or spice mixes, our chicken halves are all about the bird and that perfect seasoning. When you dig into it, you will be able to enjoy the rich smoky flavor along with its perfectly seasoned taste. Elevate your meal with Truboy BBQ’s authentic Texas-style Halal Smoked Chicken Half. 

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