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About Our Sliders Kit

When it comes to BBQ sliders we believe in keeping things simple and tasty. Your choice of meat is going to figure out the course your bbq slider is going to take. Choose from 4 delicious options which include 2lb of chopped brisket, 2lb of pulled pork, 2lb of chopped halal brisket, or 2lb of pulled halal lamb. BBQ sliders resonate with classic Texas culture and have always remained an integral part of Texan food culture. BBQ sliders go with everything and are meant for all occasions. From birthday parties to camping trips to game nights or simply a casual hangout with friends and family, everyone likes a juicy, sloppy, and flavorful bbq slider. Our bbq sliders kit come with 24 Hawaiian rolls, pickles, coleslaw, and BBQ sauce to ensure that you always have great food on the go or have a quick meal in minutes. Very few things in life provide as much happiness as eating authentic Texas-style BBQ, layering all that smoky goodness between two buns and the right bbq sauce transcends that experience into an emotion. Experience the emotion of having one of the best bbq sliders today.

Be sure to follow the specific heating instructions that have been provided. Regardless of your choice of meat, it will reach you smoked, chilled, and vacuum sealed. The reason behind this is to lock in all that authentic flavor that is sure to take y’all back to the signature taste of classic Texas BBQ. Freshly cooked cuts of meat are chilled and vacuum-sealed in signature containers fresh off the grill and delivered to your doorstep. The authentic nature of our Texas-style BBQ along with our BBQ sauce is what makes our BBQ sliders kit special and unique. Only USDA Prime Grass-Fed beef that is sourced from specific local farms is used in our beef products. Our range of authentic Texas-style halal BBQ uses animals that have been hand slaughtered following the authentic Zabihah and halal method. Elevate your slider experience with Truboy’s authentic Texas-style BBQ.

  • 24 Hawaiian rolls
  • Pickles
  • Cole Slaw
  • BBQ Sauce

How to heat your Truboy BBQ


The BBQ Sliders kit contains,  24 Hawaiian rolls, pickles, coleslaw, and BBQ sauce. Along with this, you get a choice of either 2lb of chopped brisket, 2lb of pulled pork, 2lb of chopped halal brisket, or 2lb of pulled halal lamb

The bbq sliders kit comes with Truboy’s signature BBQ sauce that is sure to elevate your entire slider experience

Sliders Kit

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