Pulled Halal Lamb Shoulder

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About Our Pulled Halal Lamb Shoulder

Dig into the signature smoky taste of our pulled lamb shoulder. Tender, juicy, and packed with flavor, our halal pulled lamb shoulder is sure to offer you the signature taste of authentic Texas-style BBQ. Our passion and love for smoking meat led us to share the taste of Texas BBQ with the entire nation. So get ready to experience the authentic taste of our pulled lamb shoulder halal in the comfort of your own home. Our passion and love for barbecuing led us to share the taste of authentic Texas BBQ with the entire country. We believe in keeping things simple. We don’t use complex rubs and spice mix. As it goes with authentic Texas BBQ, we ensure that the flavor and taste of the pulled lamb shoulder are the prime points of focus. Prepare to experience our perfectly seasoned halal pulled lamb shoulder enriched with its signature smoky flavor.

Be sure to follow the heating instructions provided. The reason why our lamb shoulder halal is delivered chilled and vacuum-sealed is to lock in all that flavor that takes y’all back to the unparalleled taste of classic Texas BBQ. Freshly cooked halal lamb shoulders are pulled and chilled fresh off the grill and delivered to your doorstep. What makes Truboy BBQ special is our choice of prime cuts of Halal lamb that are sourced from reputable suppliers. Only animals hand slaughtered following the authentic Zabihah and halal method are used in all our halal products. As seasoned Texas pitmasters who are passionate about grilling and all things BBQ, it is our dream to share the classic taste of Texas-style BBQ with the rest of the country. Order your lamb shoulder halal today!!

Our Halal pulled Lamb Shoulders are 2 lbs packs for easy storage, feed 3-4 people, and arrive chilled.

It’s so easy to heat and serve! Just watch our “How To” videos below.

Ingredients of pulled halal lamb shoulder

  • All Natural Halal Lamb Shoulder
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Thyme

How to heat your Truboy BBQ

Pulled Halal Lamb Shoulder Heating Instructions

Oven/Smoker Method:

  1. Fully thaw pulled Halal lamb shoulder on counter, then remove from vacuum seal & place in an oven safe dish. Add some butter & ¼ cup of water onto the Halal pulled lamb shoulder & cover dish with foil.
  2. Place the Halal pulled lamb shoulder in a pre-heated oven/smoker at 275◦ F, for about 1 hour or so
  3. Reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165◦ F (USDA recommendation).

Sous Vide Method:

  1. Fully thaw vacuum sealed Halal pulled lamb shoulder on counter, then submerge package in a pot of simmering water, for about 1 hour. Do NOT use boiling water..
  2. Condensation is expected. Use towel to absorb excess water.
  3. Reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165◦ F (USDA recommendation).

FAQs FOR Pulled Halal Lamb Shoulder

We believe in making the lamb the star of the show. Focusing on getting that rich smoky taste, we use only the bare necessities when it comes to seasoning and rubs. Our lamb shoulder halal is always characterized by its meaty and smoky flavor when you bite into it.

Halal lamb tends to be more tender than regularly slaughtered lamb. We make sure to source only the best cuts of halal lamb that have been subject to a humane upbringing and hand slaughtered following the Zabihah and halal method.

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Pulled Halal Lamb Shoulder

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