Chopped Halal Brisket

2 lbs of Halal Chopped Brisket



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About Our Chopped Halal Brisket

Our chopped Halal brisket come from 100% USDA Prime Black Angus humanely raised livestock. Responsibly sourced from local reputable Halal beef brisket suppliers. Smoked for 14+ hours, low and slow, with pecan and mesquite wood to maximize that smokey Texas flavor. As the star of the show, we use simple seasoning to let it shine!

Our Halal chopped brisket are 2 lbs packs for easy storage, feed 3-4 people, and arrive chilled.

Check out the videos below for heating instructions and tips for cutting and serving this prime meat

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How to heat your Truboy BBQ

Chopped Halal Brisket Heating Instructions

Oven/Smoker Method:

1. Fully thaw chopped Halal brisket on counter, then remove from vacuum seal & place in an oven safe dish. Add some butter & ¼ cup of water onto the Halal brisket & cover dish with foil.
2. Place the Halal chopped brisket in a pre-heated oven/smoker at 275◦ F, for about 1 hour or so
3. Reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165◦ F (USDA recommendation).

Sous Vide Method:

1. Fully thaw vacuum sealed Halal chopped brisket on counter, then submerge package in a pot of simmering water, for about 1 hour. Do NOT use boiling water.
2. Condensation is expected. Use towel to absorb excess water.
3. Reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165◦ F (USDA recommendation).


Our beef is always the star of the show. We focus on a basic rub and keep things super simple to ensure that when you dig in you get that signature Texas-style smoky flavor along with a bite of juicy and tender brisket.

We make sure to source only USDA prime grass-fed halal beef that has been subject to a humane upbringing. Our low and slow smoking method allows for the fat to fully render which results in ultra-tender meat

Use our rich and smoky chopped briskets in your sandwiches, sliders, stir-fry, and your salads. Simply drizzle a bit of barbecue sauce and you have yourself a snack right there. We assure you that our signature chopped brisket with its Texas-style flavor will have you simply eating it as is.

Truboy Chopped Halal Brisket

Chopped Halal Brisket

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