Providing everyone across the US and Canada an Authentic Texas BBQ experience. Delivers fully
smoked ready to heat Texas BBQ, Free shipping for all orders over $200, Easy heating
instructions. Delivered straight to your doorstep Great for meal prep Offering Halal options
Also, great for tailgating as it saves the time of preparing the BBQ, so you can enjoy the game.
All you have to do is heat it up

For 15 years, Jereis Khawaja worked up the ladder at a billion-dollar company in the oil and
gas industry, from entry-level to vice president of global sales, until he decided to follow his
passion of smoking meat. In the digital age, he realized a huge opportunity to disrupt the BBQ
industry. Access to Texas BBQ was very limited to consumers across the USA, and his calling was
to close the gap.

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for—especially for important holidays like Fathers Day—but if youve got a
foodie for a dad, it makes the dilemma a whole lot easier to deal with. That’s because there are
some seriously great food-based gifts out there, and who doesnt love being celebrated with a great meal? Keep scrolling for
the best foodie gifts for cooks and food-lovers, from the best meaty treats around to
accessories for grilling and sauces to really heat things up.

Edible Father’s Day Giftsare ones dad will love. Get the best edible gift ideas in this post.
There’s jerky, barbecue, meat, coffee, and more. For more ideas of what to buy dad, check out
all of our gift guides.

Edible gifts are always a good idea. There’s no clutter because the entire gift is disposable, so
that’s great for minimalists. And who doesn’t like snacks? No one I know. So if you’re still
looking for a gift for dad, this list of Edible Gifts For Father’s Day is going to help. Well,
it will help if dad has no dietary restrictions.

Good morning. How are you? Welcome to our series sharing Food Holidays: May 28th, 2022 with
you. Did you know today is National Brisket Day? As much as I like Ribs I prefer Brisket more.
How about you. This morning to celebrate National Brisket Day and Memorial weekend I will be
preparing Ribs and Brisket from Truboy slathered with Truboy BBQ. Although they will not be
cooked on the Grill which most people do but in the Oven. Would you like to join