How Truboy BBQ is giving all of America a taste of authentic Halal Texas Barbecue?

The sweet memories of growing up with beautiful and perfectly prepared Smoked Texas BBQ compelled this native Texan to give all of America a taste of it. As a native Texan, Jereis Khawaja has always been passionate about hunting and grilling meats. Combining his love for smoking meat with his goal of giving everyone a taste of authentic Halal Texas BBQ gave rise to the idea of Truboy BBQ. It delivers what it promises, a taste of authentic smoked Texas BBQ right at your doorstep. But How? What if you’re miles away from Texas? How do you get it? How does it stay fresh? Here is how Truboy BBQ’s unique delivery service works.

From Our Smoker To Your Doorstep: The Process

Following a simple 4 step process, here is how your choice of smoked meat reaches you

It begins with you choosing your preferred protein. You can choose from several options, from 7-pound briskets to delicious Texas Ribs.

After smoking it slowly until it is cooked to perfection, the BBQ is chilled in a vacuum-sealed bag to preserve that smoky flavour and keep it fresh.

Our smoked Texas BBQ is delivered to your doorstep in our signature box, with specific reheating instructions, some of which can be executed in the box itself.

Slice and serve. Yes, it is that simple

How To Reheat Your Truboy BBQ?

You can choose to reheat your BBQ in a few ways, depending on what you have available. It is important to let your meat thaw completely before carrying out any of the methods mentioned below.

Oven or Smoked Method

After thawing the meat, remove it from the vacuum-sealed bag and place it in an oven-safe dish. Add butter and a quarter cup of water or broth to the same dish and cover it tightly using aluminium foil.

Place it in a preheated oven at 275ºF for
~60 mins – Halal Lamb Shoulder, Halal Brisket
~45 mins – Halal Beef Ribs,
~30 mins – Halal Sausage

Reheat it until its internal temperature reaches 165ºF.

When using the oven/smoker method, add water/broth and wrap tightly with foil to maintain moisture.

Sous Vide Method

After thawing the meat, place the vacuum-sealed bag in a pot of simmering water or pour the simmering water into the box it arrives in
~60 mins – Halal Lamb Shoulder, Halal Brisket
~45 mins – Halal Beef Ribs
~30 mins – Sausage
It is important to avoid boiling water.

Reheat it until its internal temperature reaches 165ºF.

When using the sous vide method, keep the following in mind.

• Please ensure all seals are intact and there aren’t signs of air in the bag. If any, please use the oven/smoker method.
• Discard the water immediately after reheating is completed. Condensation will continue after the reheating process.
• Bring water to a boil, then remove from the heat source before placing the meat.
• To get the best results, sous vide each large item separately.

We also provide precise cutting and slicing instructions to make sure you always have the perfect bbq on your hands.

Delicious Halal Texas BBQ Delivery

A small dream has become a reality, giving people a taste of authentic Texas BBQ nationwide. There is even more good news. For all orders above $250, we offer free shipping nationwide. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website today and order your favorite smoked bbq today.

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