Key Tips to Making Consistently Great Tasting BBQ?

When it comes to  smoked Halal Texas BBQ there is no strict list of rules. Everyone has their signature styles and secrets that make their barbecue unique and personal. What this also means is that you have to go through a grueling process of trial and error to get to that level of personalized perfection. The process is time-consuming, taxing, and expensive. We always encourage novice smokers to get on the grill and discover the joys of barbecuing. Here are a few bbq tips and tricks that can help you get through the initial stages and get consistent results. Let’s get started.

BBQ Tips for Beginners

We will not be getting into intricacies and minute details about barbecuing in this article. These are basic tips on the aspects you need to focus on for getting consistently great-tasting BBQ. 

The Meat

Your cut of meat is the star when it comes to any kind of BBQ. So you must get to know different kinds of meat. The only way to do that is by actually smoking. Don’t jump ship if you fail to cook a certain kind of meat perfectly. Patience and practice are very important. Where you get your meat from is equally important. If you have a reliable butcher, that’s ideal. Also, learn to handle different kinds of meat. Learn how to cut them and also figure out simple yet important aspects like how you’re supposed to handle them, which parts of an animal should choose over which,  and what are the right temperatures. If you have a grip on your meat, you’ve crossed the first hurdle. 

The Smoke and Smoke Flavor

No smoker is the same, and no one will know your smoker better than you. There are standardized temperatures and processes you can follow, but the only detail when it comes to smoking your meat is you’ve got to be patient and you’ve got to keep cooking it low and slow. For instance, you can choose to smoke brisket at 240ºF as we do, but you can also cook it at 250ºF or 255ºF. At the end of the day it all boils down to experience and choices. BBQ is very personalized cooking and that is why it is so enjoyable and satisfying.

What kind of wood should you choose is an easy and complex question. To be honest, choose any kind of aged wood that adds clean flavors to your meat. We prefer pecan or mesquite to get the original smoky Texas flavor. At the same time, these woods don’t interfere with the meaty flavor. Your wood will determine the flavor of your smoke, and you should be looking to run a clean smoke throughout the cook. If you have a gas grill, use wood chips of your preference and if you own a charcoal grill don’t use cheap quality charcoal or flavored charcoal. It just ruins the flavor

The Rub

People tend to get too crazy with their rubs. In the pursuit of a secret rub, they slather all kinds of junk on the meat. Your rub is important but not as much as your meat. We are confident about our quality of meat, wood, and cooking so we make do with basic salt and pepper, half and half. It is to add seasoning and light flavor only. However, this only comes with years of experience. You can choose to add mustard or your choice of hot sauce, but to be honest after 12 to 14 hours in the smoker, you cannot isolate their flavors. Our suggestion, know about what you’re adding to your meat and stick to the basics. Spices can be very overpowering and the wrong mix and ruin your cook. 

The Cook

This part cannot be compressed into one paragraph and we promise to bring you a lot of detailed articles about how to cook different types of meat. We are leaving you with some simple bbq tips

  • We cannot stress enough to cook low and slow
  • When prepping the meat, always keep one hand clean
  • Keep your temperature as consistent as possible throughout the cook
  • Cook big chunks of meat like brisket or shoulder on indirect heat
  • For long cooks, ensure your meat has a good blend of marbling or fat so it does not dry out during the process.
  • Use a binder to help the rub stick
  • Use a thermometer.  Cook based on temp not time 
  • Be Patient. If you’re looking, you ain’t cooking. Don’t disturb the cooking process by constantly opening the smoker’s lid.
  • Once your rub begins sticking to the meat, about 3-4 hours, then begin to spritz with your favorite liquid mix; apple juice, water, broth, butter, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Tips to Getting Texas Smoked BBQ Anywhere

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