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Highest Quality Farm-Raised Texas Livestock

We ensure the livestock is responsibly sourced from local farms and has been raised under the most humane conditions. This is the first step of our halal meat delivery process.

Smoked and Chilled Halal Texas BBQ

To lock in the freshness and authentic flavor, our BBQ is freshly smoked off the grill, chilled and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags.

Reusable Ice Packs & Packaging

It is our humble pursuit to be more environmentally conscious and responsible. The box is reusable and you can choose to sous vide it directly inside it as well.

Follow Heating Instructions

All of our heating instructions ensure maximum flavor and moisture are retained and you get an authentic Texas-style BBQ experience.



Depending on what you have available you can use any of the following heating instructions.

Oven/ Smoker Method:
1. Fully thaw meat. Remove from vacuum seal & place in an oven-safe dish. Add some butter & ¼ cup of water onto the meat & cover the dish with foil.
2. Place the meat in a pre-heated oven/smoker at 275° F, for about 1 hour for Halal Lamb Shoulder, Halal Beef Ribs, and Halal Brisket; and about 30 mins for Halal Sausage.
3. Reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165° F (USDA recommendation).

Sous Vide Method:
1. Fully thaw vacuum-sealed meat, then submerge package in a pot of simmering water, for about 1 hour for Halal Lamb Shoulder, Halal Beef Ribs, and Halal Brisket; and about 30 mins for Halal Sausage. Do NOT use boiling water.
2. Condensation is expected. Use a towel to absorb excess water.
3. Reheat until the internal temperature reaches 165° F (USDA recommendation).

• When using the Sous Vide method, please ensure all seals are intact and there aren’t signs of air in the bag. If any, please use the oven/smoker method.
• When using the Sous Vide method in our box, please discard the water immediately after reheating is completed. Condensation will continue after the reheating process.
• When using Sous Vide Method, bring water to a boil then remove it from the heat source before placing the meat.
• When using the oven/smoker method, ensure you add water and wrap tightly with foil to maintain moisture.
• For best results, sous vide each large item separately.
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All the meat arrives chilled and should be placed in the refrigerator if consumed in the next 3-4 days, and placed in the freezer if consumed after beyond 4 days of arrival.


What is the meaning of the term Halal?

  • Halal is an Arabic term that is translated as permitted or lawful in English. It is a broad-spectrum term that applies to anything that is considered to be permissible or lawful under Islamic law.

What kind of Meat is Halal?

  • Conditions that ensure the authenticity of our halal meat delivery service.
  • The person slaughtering has to be a sane and adult Muslim.
  • At the time of slaughtering the person must say ‘Bismillah’ which means In the name of Allah (*SWT).
  • Animals to be slaughtered must be well treated and well kept.
  • Animals cannot see other Animals getting slaughtered.
  • The knife cannot be sharpened in the presence of the animal that is about to be slaughtered.
  • The knife must be very sharp and free of blemishes that might tear the wound.
  • The animal should not be in an uncomfortable position before and during the slaughter.
  • The animal must be killed with a single continuous motion of the knife.
  • The cut has to serve at least 3 of the trachea, esophagus, and the 2 blood vessels on either side of the throat.
  • The spine cannot be cut.
  • The animal must be allowed to bleed out completely and must be completely dead before processing.

What is referred to as Zabiha Halal?

  • The above-mentioned rules of slaughtering are referred to as the Zabiha. Following the Zabiha render meat halal and therefore permitted to be consumed by Muslims.

Is the Halal Meat Certified?

  • All our Halal beef is sourced from Halal certified suppliers, and hand slaughtered under the certification and supervision of Halal Transactions of Omaha (HTO).

Are the Halal products and Non Halal products managed separately?

  • Yes, our Halal Products operate as a separate business unit with different equipment and facilities. This ensure 100% non cross contamination.


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