What Is Halal BBQ? How To Order, Eat, Host, & Enjoy Halal BBQ?

An Arabic term, ‘Halal’ is translated as permitted or lawful in English. It is a broad-spectrum term that applies to anything considered permissible or lawful under Islamic law. The term contrary to halal is ‘haram’ which is translated as forbidden. When applied to food, there is food that is considered to be halal (permissible to eat) and food that is forbidden or haram. Before we get into the details of halal bbq, let us find out a bit more about what kind of meat is considered permissible.

What kind of Meat is Halal?

Halal meat is popularly contextualized as a specific kind of slaughtering that involves draining the entire blood from the animal’s body. While this is true, other conditions need to be met for any meat to be considered halal (permissible to be consumed by Muslims)

  1. A sane person or an adult Muslim has to slaughter the animal.
  2. At the time of slaughtering the person must say ‘ Bismillah’ which means In the name of Allah (*SWT). 
  3. Animals for slaughter have to be well treated and well kept. 
  4. Animals cannot see other Animals getting slaughtered.
  5. The animal to be slaughtered cannot witness the sharpening of the knife. 
  6. A very sharp and blemish-free knife must be used.
  7. The animal should be in a comfortable position before and during the slaughter. 
  8.  A single continuous motion of the knife must kill the animal.
  9. The cut has to sever at least 3 of the trachea, esophagus, and the 2 blood vessels on either side of the throat.  
  10. The spine cannot be cut.
  11. The animal must be allowed to bleed out completely and must be completely dead before processing.

These rules of slaughtering are referred to as the Zabiha. Following these rules render meat halal and therefore permitted to be consumed by Muslims. 

What is Halal BBQ and Why is it creating all the Buzz?

Halal BBQ refers to BBQ that is made using halal meat. Texas-style Halal BBQ is more inclusive as it gives Muslims an opportunity to experience the awesomeness of Texas BBQ. 

Even if we stepped beyond the rules of Islam, halal bbq just makes everything easier and tastier. Not only is halal meat more tender and juicy than non-halal meat, but healthier. 

Since halal meat is drained completely of blood it is free from impurities and the infective organisms that are found in it. This renders the meat healthier. 

Humane Treatment of Animals

As we mentioned earlier, humane treatment of the animal that is due to be slaughtered is one of the criteria for its meat to be halal. This leads to the better and more humane treatment of animals and also leads to one of the most humane ways of slaughtering an animal. 

Animals meant for slaughter are generally grossly mistreated. Following the Zabiha method ensures that the animal has been well cared for and fed well during its life. 

Does Halal BBQ Require Specific Recipes?

Any pitmaster will tell you that the quality of meat you’re using is the most important aspect of grilling. However, your recipes do not need to be altered for a halal grill. 

We at Truboy BBQ, believe in sticking to the traditional roots of authentic Texas BBQ. Our halal grill whips up traditional Texas flavors that we deliver right to your doorstep. 

Anything from our irresistible 7-pound Halal BBQ Brisket to our juicy and tender Turkey breast is completely halal and incredibly tasty. 

Most people believe that a halal grill requires a blend of specific spices. While this is an option you can resort to if you are in the mood for ethnic grilling but as seasoned Texas pitmasters let us tell you that our traditional and authentic Texas-style BBQ recipes work wonders with halal meat. 

Halal BBQ Doorstep Delivery

Are you looking to host a barbecue and want to keep things halal at the same time? We got you covered. 

Our unique Halal BBQ delivery system involves smoking, chilling, and vacuum sealing our authentic Texas-style BBQ straight off the grill. This preserves the freshness and the flavors and allows us to deliver nationwide to your doorstep without compromising on quality and taste. 

Our delicious Texas-style BBQ has even gotten our customers vouching for halal BBQ. This is why your Google search for ‘halal barbecue near me will always lead you to Truboy BBQ. 

The Best Halal BBQ in Texas

The term halal meat might only apply to Muslims from a religious perspective however, from a taste and tenderness point of view, it applies to everyone. Get a taste of our amazing and great-tasting authentic Texas Style BBQ today and we can guarantee you will not regret it. Visit our website today and check out our assortment of halal BBQ. We offer free shipping on all US orders above $200 and minimum orders to Canada only cost $200 + $59.99 for shipping. So what are you waiting for? Order today and dig into the amazing taste of Truboy BBQ. 

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