Easy To Make Brontosaurus Rib Sandwich Recipe

Easy To Make Brontosaurus Rib Sandwich Recipe

If you love to barbeque, the Brontosaurus Rib Sandwich is something you’ve got to try out. A favorite among kids and adults alike, the brontosaurus rib brings with it an element of theater along with the delicious taste of Texas Style BBQ. Before moving on to the recipe, here are a few things you should know. 

What in tarnation is a Brontosaurus Rib?

No dinosaurs will be harmed when you cook your brontosaurus rib. When something has a brontosaurus in front of it, you can bet your last dollar that it is going to be big. That is why the Brontosaurus Rib is called so. It is nothing more than a rack of beef ribs cooked low and slow until it turns tender and delicious.

Does Brontosaurus Rib beat a Brisket?

Now hold on a minute there, we know that nothing beats a good old Texas-style Brisket. However, beef ribs are way easier to cook than a Brisket and have their place on the table of Texas bbq favorites. We at Truboy BBQ love’em both and make’em with a lot of attention and care. No party can be better than the one that serves both of these tender bad boys. 

Enough chit-chat let’s get started

How to Make a Brontosaurus Beef Rib from Scratch?

As mentioned above, beef ribs are way easier to cook than a brisket, so if this is your first time barbecuing, you can relax a bit. Follow our recipe and you should end up with juicy, tender beef ribs from which the bone simply slides through. Let’s begin with the Beef

The Meat

We at Truboy BBQ use 100% Halal Beef ribs that come from USDA Prime Black Angus humanely raised livestock. However, if you are shopping from your local butcher, you might want to check the beefiness of your beef. What does that mean? We’ll tell you, 

In certain cases, butcher shops focus on keeping most of the meat on the roast. This might render your beef ribs a wee bit more trimmed than you would like. So, if you have access to a butcher just ask them to cut your ribs from the roast. This will always give you the chunky ribs you always want. This is a tip to source quality beef ribs every time. 

You need to be sure to trim the silver skin off your beef rib. We like’em fatty, don’t trim too much. 

The Fire

You want a clean and even fire going anywhere between 200 to 275 degrees. We prefer to use mesquite or pecan wood, we would suggest you do the same. 

Don’t get your smoker too hot as your meat will get to temp before the beef has enough time to render down the fat, which we do not want. So maintain that temperature and make sure you have clean smoke. 

Clean smoke refers to colorless smoke that is even. This reflects the quality of the wood and the quality of the fire. 

The Prep

We are steering clear of the dry rub vs marinade debate here. It’s your beef rib, choose what you love. You can try the following options

  • Put some Worcestershire sauce on the ribs
  • Put some good old hot sauce on em
  • Put mustard on your beef ribs. 

It’s hot inside a smoker, although your beef ribs are on the bone, getting their surface moist does help. The flavor profile is however your choice. 

What we would recommend is seasoning your Brontosaurus beef rib with at least salt and pepper. We say at least because you might have your secret rub, just make sure salt and pepper are in there. 

That’s about it…

The Cook

Cook your ribs bone side down at about 260 degrees from anywhere between 7 to 8 hours. Check after 5 hours and then check every hour to see if they are done. What you are looking for is meat that cuts like butter but holds its shape. 

If your ribs look too dry you can spritz them with water, apple juice, vinegar, etc

If your beef rib is cooked to perfection, you can pull out the bones clean. You can keep the bones in for presentation, but you have to pull out the bones when it’s time to dig into brontosaurus rib sandwich or enchilada. 

The Glaze

This step is optional but if you want a glaze on your Bronto ribs just smear them with your favorite bbq sauce and leave them in the smoker for about 15 mins. 

Note: Rest your ribs for about an hour for the juices to settle before cutting them or pulling out the bones. 

Making A Brontosaurus Beef Rib Sandwich

Once you have all the ribs removed, it’s time to assemble your sandwich. 

Step 1 –  Get a piece of bread that is as long if not a bit longer than your entire ribs. Toast the bread and you can smear your favorite sauce on one side

Step 2 – Carefully place your boneless beef ribs in your bread. 

Step 3 – Hit the sandwich with some caramelized onions or coleslaw or hot sauce, or pickles, whatever you prefer. 

Step 3 – Cut up the sandwich into pieces to make it more manageable, or not…

Enjoy your Brontosaurus Beef Rib Sandwich. This is a cool and easy sandwich to serve at your next bbq. 

The Easy Way to Make Your Brontosaurus Beef Rib Sandwich

If you’re new to barbecuing or simply don’t want to go through the trouble of barbecuing beef ribs, simply get your perfect, tender, juicy, and delicious beef ribs from us. 

Our beef ribs are cooked to perfection, and chilled and vacuum sealed right off the fire to preserve their freshness and flavor. No matter where you are, you can now enjoy the amazing taste of Texas Style BBQ thanks to Truboy BBQ’s amazing delivery service. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website today and wow everyone with a Brontosaurus Rib Sandwich at your next BBQ. 

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